NERGY Product Platforms

Core Technology: Metal Sorption Systems

Controlling the sorption of ions and molecules into metal compounds on a molecular scale offers revolutionary pathways for development of new home, energy, industrial, medical, and sensing products. This technology is new, transformational, disruptive, and very profitable.

The Opportunity:

Metal compound lattices change when there is sorption of ions and/or molecules.

  • NERGY understand these process and is able to engineer systems to take advantage of the properties of metal compounds when their lattices change.
  • NERGY knows how to integrate metal compounds into great products for critical applications.

Metal Sorption Media:

Key Properties

  • Storage : Can store ions or molecules
  • Selectivity : Can select ions or molecules
  • Energy Exchange : Can exchange energy via sorption


  • Long history of battery systems using Metal Sorption properties
    • Metal Hydride batteries are used in Toyota Prius vehicles
  • 40 years of experience (current team founded ERGENICS, where technology was originally developed, joined our team after shutdown)